Future Scented

As a full-service, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer with an experience of several decades, we offer a full program of products to our customers from the idea to the finished product: scented polymer, home fragrance, car fresheners, promotional articles, and household cleaning products.
We have successfully launched our world novelty in 2018: biodegradable scented polymer.
We operate with integrity and pursue the best interests of our customers. We mold and produce scented products for world famous brands like BMW, Mini and many others.
Over the years, we have built Supair Italia into a technology based, market-driven manufacturer of innovative thermoplastic materials and new products, and constantly develop new fragrances.



Supair Italia srl

Via Rose, 18/L- 25126 Brescia (BS)
Italy, Europe

Tel: +39 030 317194
E-mail: commerciale@supairitalia.it